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Current Classes from DAIS

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FALL, 2023

Fall 2023 Catalog (pdf)

How Do The Classes Work?

These asynchronous classes are presented through a private class listserv. THERE IS NO SYNCHRONOUS COMPONENT, NO OBLIGATION TO PARTICIPATE AT A CERTAIN TIME, OR FOR A GIVEN LENGTH OF TIME. Generally, each morning you will receive a “lesson”, delivered through the class listserv, along with prompts for some discussion questions that might be of interest regarding the day’s content. The lessons will provide both information/explanation and a wealth of online resources to explore at your leisure.

A Word About Tuition Costs

For most classes, the tuition fee works out to about $50/week per institution for instruction. This includes the “added value” of including anyone from your institution which chooses to participate for the one-time payment of tuition (that is, if there are two who want to sit in on a class with a tuition of $200, both sit in for $200; if there are 10, they all sit in for a single $200 payment!). The tuition is not for an individual, but for an institutional contingent, no matter how large or small.

Then, too, professional development handled online saves a great deal of money/resources for you over more traditional forms of in-service training. You never have to leave your campus (saving both travel/per diem expenses and time), and you fit your class participation into your schedule, instead of trying to juggle job responsibilities around your classes.

For more than 20 years, DAIS has been offering unique professional development opportunities to both experienced disability service providers and those who are new to the field. Documentation to support the award of CEUs from professional certification agencies can be provided on request. Perhaps you will find a topic (or two!) of interest in the current catalog of classes!

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