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About DAIS



The ultimate mission of DAIS is to facilitate equal access to opportunity for students with disabilities in higher education. That mission is best served by providing education, support, and counsel to postsecondary disability service providers who are on the front line with disabled students at the college level and can make the dream a reality.

What DAIS is. . .

Disability Access Information and Support (DAIS) is a private consulting service, established by Jane E. Jarrow, Ph.D., in 1996 to provide support and services to colleges and universities regarding students with disabilities in higher education.

What DAIS does. . .

A major focus for DAIS has always been professional development for higher education personnel responsible for support and service to students with disabilities. DAIS offers a new listing of classes each Spring and Fall (see the current catalog here). The classes are offered online, in an asynchronous format, through a private class listserv. Topics range from introductory information for new service providers to development/review of policies and procedures, to application of legal principles and precedents, and much more.

DAIS also provides in-service training for postsecondary personnel through presentations, both in person and through remote presentations. Over the years, Jane has visited almost 200 campuses across the US and Canada, meeting with staff, faculty, and administrators to discuss how best to support students with disabilities in curricular and co-curricular endeavors. Presentations at national and regional conferences have served to cement the representation of Jane Jarrow and DAIS as a reliable and authoritative voice within the field, with a gift for translating legal precedents to practice, and using past experience to guide plans for implementation and service. More recently, Jane has been able to share both her expertise and her engaging presentation style with large and small audiences through remote presentations at conferences and targeted presentations for staff and faculty from a single institution regarding a topic of keen interest on their campus.

DAIS also conducts policy reviews and offers consulting services to institutions working to update their institutional response to meeting the legal mandate for support in light of their commitment to access and equity for disabled students. On a less formal basis, Jane is always willing to respond to questions, and share technical assistance with those who call or email asking for her advice.

Contact Information:

Jane Jarrow

President, Disability Access Information and Support (DAIS)

2938 Northwest Blvd.

Columbus, OH 43221

[email protected]

(614) 571-5681